Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An update on waiting

So, when I started this blog, my intention was to detail all of the steps of our adoption process.  I can't say I lived up to that promise to myself very well!
We've been in some contact with an expectant mother for the past month or so and, to be honest, it's been hard to find a line to draw about what I should and shouldn't be detailing to the people that want to know how our progress is coming along.  We definitely appreciate everyone's support and would love to sit down and pour out our hearts in each finite detail about what's going on, but out of respect for the mother, we've opted to only share limited information.
Because of this mother's situation, we are very limited in our contact with her and have yet to meet her face to face, though we hope that will be changing soon.  Almost all of our communication with her thus far has been third and fourth hand.  What we've heard seems to be very promising though and she's even gone as far as telling people that we are her plan for her baby girl, come June 9th or whenever that little angel decides to make her entrance into the world.
We are excited and my favorite new phrase has become 'cautiously optimistic'.  (I don't think I will ever feel safe and secure until final paperwork goes completely through!) We're counting the days, minutes, seconds, and always hoping to get more information and get ourselves more prepared to possibly have a newborn in 6 weeks!  That thought alone scares and excites me enough, regardless of the whole adoption process and it's ins and outs.
So, hopefully that sheds a itsy bitsy light on the subject for now.  We are preparing, but still guarded, and wearing our hearts on our sleeve has never seemed to have a higher price!  We're definitely taking it day by day--even though we are running out of days!
Hopefully I will have more definitive information to share soon!  Thanks as always for the love and encouragement along the way.