Our story and Jacksons story

First things first, I suppose an introduction is in order.  My name is Carli and I am a 20-something retail manager, first time blogger, wife of nearly 5 years and proud mommy to Lily, and (hence the title) hopefully mommy to more to come.
Robert and I met through mutual friends at the very end of 2004 and were married in March of 2006.  Even while dating we discussed building a family both through biological and adopted children.  Family was always something that was important to us, even as we were just starting to form our own.  Naturally, it wasn't long before we were expecting.
In November, we found out we were pregnant and were ecstatic.  The kind of ecstatic where you have to take 3 pregnancy tests before you believe it!  Toward the end of January, we had the big gender appointment and found out that we were having a boy!  The appointment was bittersweet as our midwife took some measurements that had him a bit concerned.  He referred us to see a specialist and get a better ultrasound at the hospital a week later.  Excitement overshadowed our concerns and we did what all new parents do, began pouring over baby name books and hit the outlet mall for some outfits!  A week later, we met with the specialist who gave us news that would shake us to our core.  The signs all pointed to Thanatophoric Displasia.  If you ever want to read a bleak diagnosis, look TD up.  Greek for 'death bearing' it's a condition that affects just 1 in 65,000 births.  Armed with nothing but dismal information, we were told our little boy would survive a matter of minutes at the most. We had a number of unpleasant options to consider over the next few months, but he wouldn't have it that way.  (Perhaps taking after his mother's short patience! ha ha)   At 20 weeks along, I went into labor.  On Monday, February 19, 2007 at 7:00pm, Jackson arrived at a whopping 7 ounces and measuring 7 inches long.  (Yes, he liked 7's :) )  In the matter of four short weeks, we went from picking out outfits to planning a funeral.
Jackson's name literally means 'gracious gift of God' and if there ever was one, it was him.  Our experience obviously had it's negative effects.  You can't show me a person that goes through that completely unscathed.  With force that surprised even us, our short time with Jackson just furthered our desire and drive to be parents.  The love within us was overwhelming and within months, we were expecting again.

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