Memos for Melissa

So, given my love for writing and my lack of scrapbooking ability, I thought it'd be nice to give everyone a chance and an area of the blog to write a little something for Melissa to keep down the road.  It can be anything from birthday wishes (she'll be 6 on June 17th -hint, hint-) to life-long advice!  It will be so nice to have something to show her the thoughts and love people had for her even before she made it to our home and to her new family.  Please comment here if you have a few words to share with our little Melissa.
~You may also email me directly at if you'd prefer your message be private~
Thank you!


  1. Hi Baby!
    It’s been a long journey to you and we’re almost there. I can’t wait to meet you face to face and tell you how perfect you are. You truly are beautifully and wonderfully made! We’re so excited to learn about you and learn from you. Even though we know so little about you right now, we know you are our daughter and we will do anything to bring you home where you belong. We may still even have the Happy Birthday Melissa sign up on our wall from your birthday. We can’t get ourselves to take it down, and we love hearing your little sister Lily say “Happy Birthday Melissa!”. Next year we can all celebrate your birthday together! You may be nervous about the changes in your life, but know that we only want the best for you. We love you unconditionally and always will. Though you’re thousands of miles away, you have many family members cheering for you! You’re already changing the world, just being who you are. Remember to dream big dreams child, the world needs you to. ( and that’s how God brought us you ;) )

    I love you!


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