Sunday, January 30, 2011

Onto the next baby step...

Well, as of Monday, we will have graduated our Utah Foster Parent Pre-Service classes!!!  Four weeks and 32 hours of absolutely amazing life training!  I cannot say enough about how golden and invaluable the information we got there has been.  It's done such amazing things in us, in our marriage and in our family.  I wish everyone had the opportunity to attend these fantastic lessons because aside from the Foster Parent aspect, it really brings such an incredible level of self-evaluation, both as a person and a parent.  Not to mention the appreciation for your family, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your support system and your life in general!
As much as I've enjoyed the classes, it's time to move onto the next step!  I told Robert we had to take baby steps into the process and handle one piece of the big puzzle at a time.  Once we finish the classes, we are onto the home study, licensing and application process.  That's where the big money kicks in and we are hoping the Bake Sale will give us a little bit of a head start on funding this whole adventure!  We also have to get the house in order which means switching rooms with Lily so she can share with her new little sister, whenever that time may come.  It will also mean painting the rooms because as adorable as pepto bismol pink and neon spring yellow were for Lily, I think I would never be able to sleep inside a color scheme that bright!  It's all so exciting and my to-do lists are growing by the day.
When I started thinking of this blog, I wanted to be sure and always end on a positive note and I'll admit my favorite line right now is one I lifted from our teacher at the Foster Parent classes...
"Is it hard? Yes.  Is it worth it? Absolutely!"


  1. I am so excited for you guys! What an awesome adventure that teaches you so much about love, life, and family!

  2. I am so glad that you decided to blog about your journey. It will be priceless to you in the future.

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