Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A first for all of us...

Our days have mostly been filled with ...stuff lately.  Stuff like running errands to try and accomplish Christmas shopping.  Work stuff.  Housekeeping stuff.  Not very fun 'stuff' to blog about.

Well, I was pretty excited today when we had a first for everyone in the family and not just because it happened, but also because I had a good reason to blog again! 

Today, Julia lost her tooth!  Okay, so that wasn't a first for her.  She has one tooth that is shorter than the others in front and we're assuming that it was the actual first lost tooth, but it was the first one at home!

Robert and I had both caught glimpses of it being slightly askew in the last day or two, but neither of us realized just how loose it was.  Apparently, all it took was one slight bump this afternoon and it made it's break out.

Julia apparently responded like this--
Happy and just kept running and playing like it was something that happens every day.

Little sister, however, did not fare as well.  Apparently, it was quite traumatic for a 3-year old that has no idea that people lose teeth to see dad holding a tooth that was just barely inside her sister's mouth.  I can only imagine what poor Lily thought.  We had no idea it was that loose, so we had no time to really prepare her or talk about it with the girls or anything.  Just, one second it was in and the next, it was out! 

After wiping some tears, we all moved on, though Lily still doesn't want to talk about it.  Maybe when she sees what Julia's first visit from the tooth fairy brings it will change her mind...  Here's to hoping at least because there are a lot more teeth that will be coming out between the two of them!


  1. I'm hoping we get to experience that first loose tooth with our little guy - but at 6.5 I'm guessing we've missed one or two already. We have a funny book about the tooth fairy riding a Harley - Andrew's Loose Tooth. . . Glad you had a reason to blog!

  2. Whoo hoo! Tooth Fairy for Miss Julia :)


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