Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Colorful Easter

We had a wonderful extended Easter this year.  We started by coloring Easter eggs on Thursday night when both Robert and I would be home from work.

Watching the egg go down...
Checking sister's technique
Yep, coloring like a pro!
Very proud that she did it and super excited to see the results!
Hard at work
Crayons add some great artistic touches
One of the other reasons we used Kool Aid to dye them!
Stirring, just in case it helps
Checking the color
Where did it go?!? 
Hooray!  Stirring green water is just as fun!
That would be the 'something naughty is happening' smile
Yep, the eggs go crunch AND squish.

Then on Friday, Robert took the girls up to dinner at his grandparents where they each got a basket of goodies.  On Saturday, there was another visit with Easter baskets from grandparents and finally on Sunday, after I got off of work, we got our family's celebration underway with an egg hunt in the backyard, more baskets and a small dinner with Robert's mom and step-dad and my sister and her family.  Everyone had quite a lot of fun and Lily and her cousin are inseparable whenever they get to play!

Dinner was over by mid-afternoon and it was a beautiful day, so the girls ended their Easter Sunday the way they spend most of their warm afternoons, getting dirty in the yard and scrubbing up afterwards.

All that and the fun isn't over because my parents were out of town so we'll be planning another dinner coming up soon!  Nothing beats a great holiday celebration like celebrating for an entire weekend!


  1. The naughty face!! Oh I can hear that evil laugh even now!! The panda sweater is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. My future kids will wear panda sweaters!

  2. What a fabulous Easter! Thank you for sharing all of these photos of your sweet girls!

  3. Thank you for sharing all of these photos of your sweet girls!

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