Friday, July 22, 2011

My birthday was ahead of schedule!

So tomorrow is my actual birthday, but I think I got a pretty good present a couple days early! On Wednesday afternoon we got a big chunk of paperwork back in the mail from being apostilled, our 3 official, notarized copies of the final version of the homestudy and the 2 boxes of free business cards that we'd ordered to help spread the word about our adoption and about Reece's Rainbow! It was like Christmas in a mailbox...or in this case, a birthday in a mailbox!
After a few scans on my new fax-scan-copy-printer (that was was also a birthday present), we were able to mail off our I600a to the USCIS to begin our immigration approval and our CSPs to Melissa's country, which has to proceed our dossier paperwork. I cannot explain the excitement of getting these documents out! Even though we'd already had the papers in motion, it feels absolutely fantastic to get them headed to their final destination! We have things in motion both here and in her country!! I can hardly contain myself!
I also got a nice big print of this little sweetheart to hang on our wall across from the wall with Lily's big picture on it.

I don't remember the last time a birthday gave me four days of celebration, but I am loving this one!

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