Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anxious for some action!

Since our adoption process for Melissa kind of got stuck in neutral for a little while, it feels like we're still pushing the peddles, the wheels just can't move as fast.  Call it our molehill battle, since we are still pretty well at the bottom of the big hill. 
However, we are thrilled to have our mandatory second meeting with our social worker on Thursday afternoon!   Once we meet with her, our homestudy can be updated and completed to meet the requirements of Melissa's current country!  This is usually a fairly expensive and lengthy part of the adoption process, so it's going to be very nice to have it done.  Plus our first meeting with the social worker went great and was actually pretty fun to look at ourselves and our experiences in a sort of third person fashion.
It will also bring us closer to a very exciting piece of our little puzzle.  It's RR's policy for the protection of the child's privacy to withhold the exact location of the orphanage until the homestudy is completed and we attain USCIS approval.  It will be so exciting to know what part of the country she is in right now and where we will be traveling to!  Hopefully after that we can connect to some other families that have been to the particular orphanage she is in, though there hasn't been much mention of her's amongst the forum chatter and other blogs.  I am excited to get any kind of glimpse into her that I can get!!
We are also not sitting idle on the fundraising efforts either.  I am working on getting some prizes and events coordinated as well as the possibility of selling some items online.  I'm trying to navigate that whole arena without getting overwhelmed and having things cemented a bit before I make any announcements of plans.

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