Thursday, June 30, 2011

A borrowed post

This one is not so much in my own words, but something I had to borrow from Our Journey: To Ukraine and Back.  Even if someone doesn't "get" the motivation behind international adoption, most people can understand how heartbreaking this is:

"There is a couple who are in Eastern Europe adopting their daughter right now. The orphanage like most in Eastern Europe never has enough money to take adequate care of the children, but this one is so desperate that they are reusing disposable diapers. Yes, they are REUSING disposable diapers on the babies there. They are hanging them up on clotheslines to dry out and putting them back on the babies....Diapers are expensive in Eastern Europe but no child should have to wear a dirty diaper....twice."

We've been reading other blogs like stalkers and the stories pouring out of people who are seeing these conditions first hand is powerful to say the least.  One lady spoke about bringing wheelchairs with her each time she traveled because there were always multiple children being kept immobile over minor afflictions.   Having grown up in the comfort of my home with the stability of a great family and all of the necessities of living plus more, it is almost unfathomable that there are places where these circumstances are the norm. 

I'm not saying that this is happening everywhere because I certainly don't know that to be true, I just know what I've read time and time again seems to be building a pretty consistent theme.  I know that this is not the cheeriest of posts, but it's a truth that got my attention and I thought maybe it would get someone else's as well.  Knowledge and love are the two things were are hoping to spread through this blog and I hope and pray that we achieve a little bit of either in each post!

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