Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our very own button!

We're proud to unveil our beautiful new button at the top, right side of our blog.  It's a direct link to our page within Reece's Rainbow.  One of the best parts about it (other than Melissa's cute little face) is that you can copy and paste the code to your own page and help us spread the word about getting our daughter home to her family!!  If you have a blog or website or anything of the kind, please, please consider putting this on your page as well and sharing our efforts with anyone you know.  Though this page is functionally a fundraising page, we appreciate any visits to it that may also share the wealth of knowledge and awareness about Reese's Rainbow and the many special needs angels that also deserve love and families!


  1. I put it on my blog too! :) I am so happy/excited and proud of you guys! <3

  2. I grabbed it!! Can't get enough of that girls sweet face!!


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