Monday, June 27, 2011

One thing crossed off and a lot of starting points...

With our unforeseen hiatus happening right now, I feel like I have reason to celebrate any progress we can make on our adoption process!  So, with a sense of accomplishment, I am happy to announce that I can officially leave and re-enter the United States! :)  On Friday afternoon, I received my very first passport.  I know it seems small and yes, it's not that hard to get, but it does knock off another 4-6 week potential waiting period and that feels good to have out of the way.

As for other progress, it feels like we are starting to pull in little pieces of the puzzle.  We got the dossier packet emailed to us from Reece's Rainbow, so we have those in hand and are starting to sort out where we'll need to head once we get the all clear to move forward.  We have the homestudy checklist now so we can move forward with updating that.  We got to read the 50-plus pages about what to expect through this process and once we are traveling.  We've also been kicking around fundraiser ideas.  Anything from a barbecue to an Etsy shop, even though I have no idea how those work. :)  I am trying to sort out anything and everything that could help get us closer to bringing home our baby girl!

I also picked up a cookbook from the library and it looks like I ought to master dishes with beets and sour cream--together, separate, on top--you name it.  It's so interesting to delve into another culture a little bit and we're excited to try to incorporate some things into our household that may bring some familiarity and comfort to her.

On the note of hilarious progress, you should hear me trying to repeat my new CD's that I got from the library to attempt learning Melissa's language!!  God just did not give me the throat and tongue to pronounce some of those words! Ha Ha!  I can only imagine what other commuters must think of me trying to mimic some of these phrases with my windows down as I'm driving!. Much fun for all, I'd assume!

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