Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We've been thinking a bit lately about some of the pieces to our puzzle and some of the amazing people we've been blessed by in our lives that have intentionally and unknowingly moved us to action.  Sometimes the inspiration comes as tears, sometimes as an upset elevated heart rate, sometimes as a simple 'hello' on Facebook.  Whatever the action, we've found that a few people have inspired a big reaction from us.
We just wanted to share a couple of the blogs and websites that have prompted us to not sit idly by, but to have the courage to move forward and start changing some things in us and around us.

The first is the Cox Family.  We were introduced to their blog through a longtime friend of mine just as they were getting ready to go get their sweet little girl, Mia, from Ukraine.  This is how we first found out about Reece's Rainbow.  They wrote very openly about what they saw, both good and bad, and are just so genuine in their love and determination to bring their sweet little girl home. 

Next is the organization that is helping us make this happen!  What an incredible group of people giving a voice to the voiceless!  Started by and run by parents who work tirelessly to help unite orphans with loving families.

One of our favorites has always been Joanna's blog.  A teenager with a huge heart.  I don't know how else to say it!  This gal has an incredible passion for helping orphans around the world.  She was also Melissa's prayer warrior before we found her.

Robert's heart in particular has been clutched by Joe and Susanna and their family.  We've both been extremely moved in following their journey of adopting Katie, all the while celebrating their large family at home and advocating for many other children that need families. 

And last, but definitely not least.  If you have small children in the household, whether special needs or not, you may be familiar with Signing Time or Baby Signs!  What you may not be familiar with is the back story of the Rachel Coleman, the co-creator and actress at the forefront of the Signing Time shows and products.  An amazing woman determined and driven to give her daughters the best opportunities in life whether that meant changing herself or changing the world around them!  Definitely worth reading, particularly the category called 'Strong Enough'.

These links will remain in a box on the left side of this blog.  I don't know if these blogs will impact others the way they did us, but we never know if we are piece in someone else's puzzle or even just connecting people with a message they need to hear.


  1. Rachel Coleman is awesome! I met her at the buddy walk. She's a huge fan of RR!

  2. I just love her response to her children's needs. Her daughter's world of communication was small and the support she expected to come from around her wasn't there so she changed the world around her! Her other daughter's physical abilities had the potential to limit where she could go, so Rachel became her legs to make sure it never restrained Lucy's opportunities! We'd always oogled Lucy on the show and had no idea that was her daughter also!

  3. You are so sweet! I am honored to have been a part of your journey to your sweet little angel! I am so happy for you all and can't wait to see her home with you where she belongs! I would still love to meet you someday soon!


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