Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our labors of love this Labor Day Weekend!

I'm pretty sure that within an hour of that dossier being received, we were springing into nesting mode!  We have hit the ground running in preparing for Melissa.
First order of business was scratching the itch that Robert has had for months--getting the room ready!  Our first step was to paint. 
I am terrible at remembering to take before pictures, but picture if you will white walls and one gold textured wall.  And now this...

It's not a great picture and I'll ask you again to use a bit of imagination with me.  The color picked up a bit off when being taken from an iPod at 11:00 at night, but the closest comparison of color that I've been able to come up with for the walls is a sticky note!  It's a very pale yellow.
Robert loves it, I love it, but best of all, Lily LOVES it!  For over an hour, she ran in and out of the room saying "It's yellow now!" and "New room!  I love it!".  She was pretty thrilled with the whole transformation.

Painting was fun, but now I get to move onto the part I like even more--accessories!  Time to pick out wall decor, curtains, and all that fun stuff that turns it from a room to her room!  When Lily was born, I went all out with painting picture frames to match her bright walls--15 frames in all.  This time around, I have got a thing for birds and trees and owls, with bedding that has all of those on it so we'll see where it takes me! :)

As for updates on the adoption progress, not much is new to update.  We are impatiently just waiting to learn anything new about our little daughter hopefully any day now!


  1. Waiting impatiently with you...and I love the yellow. :)

  2. I Love the yellow too!!!! I am so excited to have found your blog!!! The memo from Dad to Melissa had me in tears!!!! Beautiful Family!!!!!!

  3. Renee--thank you so much! I am so happy and blessed that you took the time out of your crazy schedule to keep up with our happenings! Counting down the days and hours with you, friend!

    Summer--I am so glad you found us too! I have loved following your progress towards bringing Gavin home and just learning about and loving all of your family! They are all so cute! Thanks for stopping by.
    P.S. The note from Daddy made me cry too! :)


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