Thursday, September 1, 2011


Okay, I realized after I typed it that the title may be a bit misleading, especially this time of year. But for anyone that was lured here with the false hope that there would be football talk on here--welcome anyways! :)

Just had to do a quick post with a big announcement! Our dossier has touched down in the capital city of Melissa's country! Let the hourglasses flip, the calendars turn, and the timers begin--now we start the real waiting game! Here's our updated 'now what': gather documents we need for travel and wait for our travel date! Don't be tricked again, it's not the only thing we are doing. We have a pretty short amount of time to do any last push for fundraising, we are in the clear to start prepping our home, and then there is all the packing, unpacking, repacking, etc. to do. We were running the marathon before, but all of a sudden, we're sprinting for the home stretch!!!

Please continue to cheer us on along the way--it means so much to us! Also, we have a lot of money to raise still, so if you don't mind helping us spread the word about our story, we are hoping for some more generosity from the kindness of strangers, friends, family and the like to help push us along.

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