Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Eiffel Tower has come and gone

Just a quick update on our dossier's itinerary--

That's right--our paperwork has touched down in and recently left Paris! Almost there, little papers, almost there! So excited I can hardly stand it!

In the mean time, we have been downsizing Lily's closet footprint to make room for a big sister! We've been taking out the clothes that are too small. (A dress sized 12 months?! How did that manage to stay in there?) This weekend we will start to paint. Once we can pick a color that is!

So many choices!! The girls will have matching bedding and I kind of wanted to start a theme from their adorable prints.
(No, the owl pillow is not an owl on a white background. I had to cut and paste one onto the picture of the bedding because it is so cute, I just had to have it included!)

Stay tuned for pictures of our decision and of course, hopefully another travel update on our paperwork's journey!

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