Wednesday, August 24, 2011

138 Reasons to be Happy Today

116 dollars added to our adoption fund!

19 more documents completed and in the process of being apostilled!

2 beautiful daughters!

1 step closer to bringing our family closer to being under one roof!

=138 reasons to be happy today!

Yes, today was a very happy and productive day around our household!
Yesterday, we got what will hopefully be the last of our notaries and today Lily and I took a field trip to the Capitol to get them apostilled.

I've always been a bit enamored with this big, beautiful building.

Lily sort of thought this press conference set up meant she had to perform a little song and dance, seeing as she already had the stage after all.

Clearly, this was her favorite part of our visit though--
~Sigh~ My little water baby. I love that little stance and the hands behind her back just make the picture for me!

Our documents should be back in our hands and approved by early next week. After that we check, re-check, re-re-check, re-re-re-check, ask everyone and their dog to check our documents and then we send them on over! Whisked away, on their 5,771 mile journey! Then begins a whole new waiting game...

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