Monday, August 29, 2011

That baby is airborne!

Wooohooo!!! Someone tell them we're coming--our dossier is officially en route as of this morning!! After two months of pouring over paperwork, that baby is airborne!

Over 40 documents checked for wording, signatures, dates, name variations--our names, their names, notary names, clarity of stamps, middle initials, the right color ink, the acceptable time frames, passport numbers, copies, scans-- You name it, we've checked it..about four or five times at least! And it has never felt better to check something off of a checklist!

Let them know we are coming!!! Hear that, sweet Melissa, we are on our way to you? You have spent six years as a survivor, now hold on--we are within weeks of holding you as our own!

Yes, we are singing songs of joy and praise today!!!

So, I'm sure some, if not many, are wondering--what now? Now we wait. Patiently, impatiently, I'm sure those will both apply at times.

We had a packet of paperwork that we sent ahead of our dossier that will now get submitted for approval. While waiting for that to be approved, our dossier is being translated and being prepared to submit. After that is submitted and approved, we will get an appointment date with the State Department on Adoptions and Children's Rights (SDA).

In the mean time, we have plenty to prepare! We need to set up some kind of tentative game plan for Lily since she will not be making the trip with us. We have a little girl's room to get ready. We have some language learning to do (or attempt--Lily is doing far better at the words than I am!). All sorts of things. I can finally allow myself to nest! I am paper pregnant after all! :)


  1. SOOOOOO excited!!! Oh my word!!! Praying for you!!!!!

  2. How exciting!! I'm so happy for your family:)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I appreciate the prayers! Now the waiting game...such a hard game to play sometimes!


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