Monday, August 8, 2011

We've been printed!

So, when we were able to send in our application for our I600A to the USCIS, we'd also contacted our Congressman to see if he could help us with getting things moving a bit faster than typical since Melissa's age puts her at a high risk of being transferred to a mental institution. Much to our joy, he obliged and just 4 days later, we got our fingerprinting appointment letter in the mail!
Well, today we were able to walk in 11 days ahead of schedule and got our prints done!
No, that's not how we got to do it! If it had been, Lily probably would've gotten a set of her own done!

In hard to believe news--we are down to the last few documents needed for our dossier before we get our last apostilles done and send it off to Eastern Europe!!!! Our blood tests are in the lab right now, my TB test is sub-dermal on my arm as I write and Robert's will be tomorrow. We have to get our employment letters on the right letterhead and our rental agreement notarized. And then we wait for our 171H, which is our approval from the USCIS that we just got printed for! After that, our last documents get notarized and apostilled at the capitol and then it's off to another capitol city some 5,771 miles away!!

Please pray for us as we go into a really important weekend that funds will be raised and that people's hearts will be open to not only us and Melissa, but also to the many other special needs children barely surviving in mental institutions or going hungry in underfunded orphanages.


  1. Praying for all your adoption needs to be met. You are on your way, sweet friend, YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY!!!

  2. Sounds like you are getting closer :)

    How Exciting!

    Stopping by to follow you on GFC through the Blog Hop

  3. Thanks, ladies! We are definitely making some progress. Not too many documents left before they leave our hands!

  4. Prayers from Canada for your Fundraiser this weekend. Praying and trusting for God to provide!


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