Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our little characters

Okay, so I'm not typically one to brag, but I'm going to now! Our daughters are so cute, they are making Disney characters of them!!

First, there were all the comparisons we used to get between Lily...

...and Boo, from Monsters, Inc.

Then, one of Robert's co-workers started saying he found us another look alike and that Melissa...

reminded him of Agnes, from Despicable Me...

What can we say? Our kids are so cute, you can put them in movies and sell them as dollies! I think we may have some lifelong favorite movies starring our little ladies' dopple-gangers!

On the progress front, our dossier is so close to being done we can taste it!!! We got more documents done and are now waiting to get them approved! Hopefully it's off to the Capitol with us and our papers very, very soon!

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  1. You guys are making such good progress. So happy for you and your beautiful girls!


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