Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just One Dollar to Win!

Alright, so this is a partial list of the Barbecue Fundraiser Prizes. We have a few more coming in, but I'll admit, I have a problem with patience. I just got over excited, so here is the beginning of the prize list!

Current Prizes:
$50 PF Chang’s gift card
*You can’t tell me your mouth doesn’t water at the mere mention of their Lettuce Wraps! Yum Yum! Mongolian Beef, mini desserts…need I say more? *

$50 Cost Plus World Market gift card
~A store that originated as an eclectic gathering of handmade and unique items sold off of a pier, Cost Plus World Market still boasts a wide variety of items from unusual to practical! The gift card can be used online or in over 260 stores across the U.S.~

Family Outdoor Fun Gift Basket:

Now your whole family can gladly ‘take it outside’! A great gift basket for having fun in that summer sun!
A patchwork striped Insulated Market Tote, Set of 4 kids hopping sacks,
plastic sand toys, Pop N Bubbles, Rubber Horse Shoes game, Wild Sidewalk Chalk, and 2 micro-kites.
Retail value of over $60

6 Zeep handcrafted soap bars—Ginger, Lavendar Martini, The Sixties, Green Tea Garden, Luau, and Olive Blossom.
Zeep (Dutch for soap) is handmade in small batches using our personal formulas. Created using skin friendly oils combined with botanical, clay and mineral based colorants to produce as natural a soap as possible. If you are used to commercial detergent bars, you will appreciate its gentle fragrance and lather. Zeep looks lovely displayed in a soap dish but belongs in the shower to be used for daily cleansing.
Retail: $48

Scentsy Slate Mid-size warmer and three scent bars from Rad Scents—Erica Hatch, Independent Scentsy Representative
Erica says--“Scentsy is a passion of mine. I do believe in safe scents. So many of my friends and family members have young kids or dogs; Scentsy is the perfect, safe alternative to candles. There is no need about forgetting to blow out the candle before you leave. You can simply just plug in a warmer and you are good.”
*I am a big fan of Scentsy myself. I love how long they last and the fact that they melt with just a light bulb and there is no open flame was enough to get me on board with these great products.*
Retail: $25 for the warmer and 3 scent bars: $5 each. Total retail of $40.

$30 Saffron Valley gift card
Saffron Club gift cards invite upbeat foodies to choose from a range of culinary adventures from shopping our online culinary collection ( to dining at Saffron Valley Bistro ( to taking a hands on culinary class .
*SUCH delicious Indian food and their spice mixes make authentic, fantastic cooking at home a snap!*

Tickets are just $1 each!! Also, you can get a free ticket just by mentioning this blog if you are attending the fundraiser barbecue in person!

If donating online, please use our ChipIn Page to donate (find the link on the top left of this blog) and then email us at or with which drawing you would like to enter your ticket(s) into. We will then email you back your ticket numbers and winners will be drawn and announced on this blog and on our Facebook page on August 14th.

I will announce more of the prizes once we have them in hand and ready for their photo-op! :)

Thanks again to everyone for their support! It is beyond thrilling the closer we get to being able to have Melissa in a home with a real family!

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