Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The chaos of Tuesday night

Well, the afternoon visit was...eventful!  Things were definitely out of the norm from the time we got there.
When we got up to the groupa, there was another couple there with a young girl who looked to be about 8 or 9 years old and they appeared to be trying to coax a little one into liking them. :)  I am thinking they were a potential adoptive family--a thought that was partially confirmed when they tried to exit through the locked door like we did on our first night.  It was exciting to see.

After that, we played for a bit in the music room again.  Unfortunately, it was pretty dark in there even with the lights on so we didn't get very many pictures.  Though it was almost too hectic to take too many!  We played with the mirror a lot again.  She loves that thing and loves being held to look into it so it makes for a lot of smiles and giggles.  Not to mention that the cuddles came with it again.  That's never a bad thing!

She again like the musical microphone and even sang into it a bit again.  We lined the bracelets up on the table again.

She thought it was pretty hilarious to try on my coat.

At one point, she took out our favorite family photo album and to my surprise, she climbed into my lap to read it!  She doesn't mind the snuggles when she is being held, but it's taken some coercing to get her to sit still in a lap for real long so it was a wonderfully pleasant surprise when she wiggled up there on her own.

Not only did she climb into my lap once, but twice.  The second time was where things started to get a bit busy for us.

I noted that when she sat down, she had felt extra warm and sure enough when she stood up, there was a small wet spot on my jeans and one on her bum.  We took her upstairs to her groupa and this 'conversation' over the potty accident went much better than the last time it happened.  I carried her up and just pointed as we walked in.  The nanny started to ask what I am assuming was if we wanted to stay so we nodded yes and just plopped ourselves down on the bench to wait for her!  I figured that was a pretty clear sign that we were sticking around for more.

They changed her baggy jeans and sent us back downstairs to play some more.  Turns out a trip to the potty probably ought to have been in order because we were back in the music room maybe five minutes before it happened again but on a much messier scale.  When we went back up, there was a lady there with two other girls and she was picking up another one from Julia's groupa.  We rang the doorbell at the same time and she let us 'go' first.  We pointed to Julia's pants and the nanny started saying goodbye this time.  We started saying no and then the nanny turned to the other lady that had arrived at the same time as us and said something to her about us speaking English.  The gal turned to us and said 'I understand' and we told her we'd like to stay and visit longer.  After that we were able to come in and wait for her to get changed again.  This time, she came out with all new shoes, socks and pants and we were on our way back downstairs again.

Since it was still cold and rainy, the lady and her girls were down in the same little play area that we were allowed to go too.  Her girls were so cute and excited to be running around and playing together!  They were also pretty intrigued by the three of us being there also.  The lady had brought treats for her girls and they brought one over to Julia.  We made sure that it was okay for them to have shared and she said yes.  It was the same type of cookie that the nanny had given her a couple of days ago so we knew she'd be happy.

She was very good with holding it by the wrapper as she ate.  When she reached the edge of the wrapper, she'd wait for us to open it further.  When she got to the very end is where it got a bit hilarious.  I noticed a couple more chunks of cookie at the bottom so I pulled them out and put them on the palm of my hand, thinking maybe she would grab them and eat them.  Instead, she put her mouth straight up against my hand and got every last little crumb she could!

 She got about every scrap of chocolate off of the wrapper and off of my hand!  So glad we made it to the grocery store the other day and were able to buy two big multi-packs of those cookies!

When we finished up our visit, we headed back to the hotel, still bummed that we hadn't heard from our facilitator about the possibility of a court date.  As the day got later, it was sinking in that we'd been so looking forward to the chance of this early timeline that we may have set ourselves up for disappointment.

When we got to the hotel, our driver stopped us before we got out and said that tomorrow he would be here around 9 and that our facilitator would call.  His English is very spotty so we weren't sure if we were understanding him correctly.  9?  45 minutes earlier than normal?  Did this mean...?  The door had hardly shut behind us before we were on the phone with our facilitator.  She was just about to call us.  We will need to be ready to go about 9:00 because we will have court tomorrow at 10 a.m.  After that, we go shopping for champagne and chocolate for the nannies.  She is pretty certain we will have something to celebrate with them. :)  Can't wait to stand in front of a judge and plead to be this little girl's mom and dad!


  1. YEAH! Thats great news! Can't wait to hear the good news! GOOD LUCK and don't stress! :)

  2. congrats!!!! praying for tomorrow :) :)

  3. yay!!!!a wednesday court date! so happ.! the pics of her in your lap are priceless! she looks so happy as do you. praying for tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. oooooo dear....am snivveling now. knew you would make me cry sooner or later! xxxx

  5. Feel like I've just been sitting in the music room watching from the corner. So excited for your earlier court date. Now just have to see if you can get home soon too. Prayin'.

  6. so excited for you!!! Praying like crazy back here in UT!!!!


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