Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday morning at the slide

When we got to the orphanage, we got our happy little tap dance when we arrived as usual.  It just never gets old to hear those giggles and to try and dress her around that full body wiggle that fades and picks back up the more we get her closer to being ready to go.

We headed down stairs to our usual little picnic table.  When we'd gotten to the orphanage, we'd taken note of 3 or 4 other couples in the music room as we passed through on our way upstairs.  We are still uncertain of what the circumstances of so many visitors was because save for one brief encounter with a lady one night when we were bringing Julia back to her groupa, we have not seen any other people here visiting with the children.  A little bit after we'd gone outside, the other visitors began to come outside with a few children as well.  It got a little crowded on our usual little playground so we got up to find another spot.

We stopped to smell some roses
Then we came across a little playground we hadn't seen before.  (Another thing we love about this orphanage is that there are a lot of little play areas!)
We started with spinning some tic-tac-toe blocks--just like little sister was doing at home a couple of days ago!
(Lily thought matching sounded more fun!)
We tested the chain walkway from the side--

But the hit of the day was definitely the slide!  First Julia got to go down--

Then, everything else got to go down too--
It started with bracelets and then we started showing her how many other things would go down the slide too.  Pretty soon, just about everything came out of the bag and got a ride.

 It was fun to watch because this may have been one of the first times that we may have broken some norms for her.  The more she saw us being goofy and sending all sorts of things up and down the slide, the more she got excited and even played a bit 'messy'.  Usually, she is very particular about having one toy put away before the next comes out.  Now she was starting to get brave about kind of sliding the bracelets around altogether at the base of the slide and even had multiple toys out at once.  Ah, just a taste of the chaos that she will know at home! :)


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