Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drizzly Tuesday morning visit

We woke up this morning to the sound of rain plunking around on the metal roofs next to the hotel and the metal ledges and awnings that line the building.  There is no pitter patter here, just a whomp every once in a while when the raindrops pile up on the ledge above enough to dive to the roof below.  It's still an entertaining noise, it just likely won't make it onto any 'sounds of relaxation' cd's any time soon! :)  It has been kind of nice to have a cozy little day inside.  We went downstairs and had another lovely complimentary breakfast.  The milk porridge was delicious once again and some fantastic hot cocoa was a great way to warm up and start the day with my sweet tooth satisfied.
When we got to the orphanage, they were ready to bundle her up and send us outside again even though it was coming down not heavily but consistently enough that we would have wound up soaked and a bit chilly.  Instead we asked to play inside and they said yes, down in the music room.  It was kind of nice to have a change of scenery instead of our usual table or two and the same walking path we frequent four hours out of each day.
The music room was nice and similar to the side of the building last night, there was a lot of foot traffic passing by.  She does love to stop and take in what's happening when people go in and out of the room though it depends on if whatever else she is doing at the time is more interesting or not.  Sometime's she'd study someone very closely, others she wouldn't even react.
We brought along a new toy that she took to pretty quickly.  It was a musical microphone that she enjoyed waving around a bit like a baton.  We even got her to pretend sing into it a couple of times which was as adorable as it sounds!  She even did a couple little dancing sways to the music.

Even though I've had it out during each visit to record video clips and to use the alarm so we know when to bring her back to her groupa (making extra sure we follow the rules here!), she suddenly took an interest in my iPod today. 
She liked sitting with daddy and watching him play Angry Birds and helping him color a bit.

Her favorite seemed to be self-photography though!

Her little sister is going to be extremely happy if Julia shares her love of the iPod!  She already asks me to come into her room and play iPods together!

One of the fun things about being in the music room is the extra entertainment that the new scenery provided.  Julia liked the rows of folding auditorium-style seating.  At one point, she went to sit on one of the chairs and wouldn't you know it, her body wasn't enough weight spread out on the chair to keep it from about folding in on her!  Really once she scooted her bum to the back of the chair, it was just enough to make it tilt back as if it were going to fold and she really thought it to be something funny!  So of course, we had to play around with the chairs a bit..

There were a couple of small mirrors on two of the walls that were fun to pick her up and look in.  At first she marveled at them as if she doesn't get to look at them real often.  Or maybe she was just closely studying her face.  I remember her doing the same thing with the mirrored door in the director's office.  At first, the reflections were something to take in and then, like most other things, they were just flat out hilarious!
This was my favorite part of the visit, because after we looked in the mirror, holding her just became some of the most tender snuggles I've gotten since we got here!

After we finished looking in the mirror, she just snuggled in my arms for a few minutes.  She even got pretty relaxed when I started to kind of rock her like a baby and sway a bit.  It was very sweet and some good snuggles from my girl that hardly ever slows down!

Oh yeah, and she is still trying to tell us she's ready to go! ;)


  1. Aw - oh my that last picture is so sweet!!! Pretty soon sweet girl!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay! You finally got a girl who will snuggle!! So precious!


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