Saturday, October 15, 2011

A quiet Saturday morning visit

This morning's visit was very nice and peaceful.
As we left the apartment this morning, we noticed a lot more people out and about on the sidewalks.  There are usually a handful  of street vendors around many of the corners along the way to the orphanage but today it seemed to be about double.  It made sense once we realized it was Saturday.  It really is a fun atmosphere to be around though.  There are people selling everything from yard gnome type ceramic statues to nylons to silverware to just plain wooden dowels.  And of course, there are many people selling food and flowers.  It makes for great sight seeing each drive!  (There is also a bazaar next to our hotel that we still need to go check out.  Even in the middle of a weekday it was busy and the tables offer such an eclectic mix of items!)
When we got to the orphanage, Julia peeked around the corner once they started telling her we were here and she was getting excited to go with us again.  She was giggling on her way into the other room and peeking for us as soon as they opened the door and she came back out.  As they were getting her dressed, she kept trying to grab our hands and grab the door to hurry us all on out.  It was adorable!  She let us help get her shoes on and put on her coat and all the other necessary layers.
They did bring out a little potty seat and made her try to go potty before we took her.  When we visited last night, she had a potty accident and didn't go too well.  We could tell she was kind of embarrassed and tried to wipe it away and cover it with dirt, almost as if she was scared if we saw it she'd be in trouble.  We comforted her but had to immediately bring her upstairs to clean up.  When we brought her back up, we couldn't communicate with the nannies enough to ask if we could stay while she got changed and after a minute of trying to gesture, they just said 'paka' (bye) and 'das vidanya' (goodbye).  We were very afraid that she would think that we thought she was bad because she had an accident or that the nannies would think we were frustrated because she had done it.  It was good to see that she didn't seem upset with us when we came back and that the nannies made sure to show us that is was okay and that she could potty on her own.  Anyways, enough about potties..
We spend most of the morning visit just sitting together kind of quietly.  She was happy to see her backpack again!

We looked at the photo album again as fast as she could turn pages and for as long as she'd leave it out of the bag.

She helped Daddy blow up the punching bag balloon

Then she had fun flinging around just like we showed her how--
 Mostly, we just colored and rearranged crayons.

Overall, it was a very nice, calm visit this morning.  Can't wait to go back and see her!!!


  1. Blessings to you three. Love, love, love reading your posts. Knowing that she will be yours shortly must be beyond exciting. Keep enjoying your time with Julia.

  2. oh my!!!!!!!!! the pictures of her and daddy are soooooooo sweet!!! glad you had a great visit today!!!


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