Saturday, October 15, 2011

Followed by a quiet Saturday evening visit

Our afternoon visit was much like the first, pretty calm and peaceful.  We got to the orphanage a bit early again and had to wait in the hallway while they got her ready.  As soon as they opened the door though, it was the same greeting we got this morning.  That little one just bursts over to us, full of giggles and smiles and goes straight for a hug!!

Once outside, Julia again latched onto a couple favorite things to do and that's how we spent our hours together.  More coloring, some sunglasses, a few bubbles and some books.

 I think tomorrow we may do a complete switch of the toys and see what she does with some new ones.  Though her memory is really good and we may get in trouble for removing some!

There seemed to be more stray dogs in the orphanage than usual tonight and every now and again, they catch her attention.  We LOVE the noise she makes for dogs!  It's a pretty big 'woof woof' noise, maybe because there are some pretty big mutts roaming around this place.  We took the opportunity to show her the picture of our dog at home, Manny.  She seemed to take to him as she smiled at the picture and gave him a kiss!  With as much as she lights up over pictures of Lily, it was the first time she's really connected with a picture like that.  The dogs here don't even really react to humans because they are often just ignored or shooed away.  They just go about their business laying in the sun and looking for food.  How different it will be for her to be living alongside a dog that we feed and pamper and love!

It was also pretty cold out tonight--in the 40's!  One thing we love about this orphanage is they always let the kids go out and play as much as possible.  Bundle them up and out they go!

So we played outside even though we could see our breath and all of our noses were a bit rosy by the time we went in.  At one point, Robert and I were sitting close together on the bench watching her play with the backpack on the painted stump nearby.  She looked at us sitting together and came over and backed up into us so we could pick her up and she could join us.  The result was a less-than-fantastic, partial-family photo, but one that still makes us mighty happy!

And of course the evening ended with the usual giggles on the way back up--

There is so much pure joy in this little one!  I can hardly wait to see what she does when her world starts to open up even more!

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  1. Oh Gracious! The Giggles! The Laughter! Just so sweet! So very amazing!


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