Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh yeah...

Remember all of those 'also's and 'P.S.'s I mentioned before?  Here's some now!  Just a couple things that got left out of the huge post from yesterday (or a few hours ago, depending on where you are in the world).

#1--We are expecting to have court next Thursday!!  We ran around a ton (for 7 hours actually) the day we got into region and accomplished a lot.  Our paper chase is well under way here and it's hard to believe that in less than a week, we will be pleading our case in front of a judge!

#2--It's never felt so good to get rid of a huge chunk of money! :)  Hard to believe how happy we could be to hand over $9,000 but it was nice to get it to where it needed to be.  On that note, once you are actually here and see how hard this team works for you at all hours of the day and night, it doesn't seem like that much money!  We have had many people working for us and they are some of the best in the country!  To have someone work half as hard and only during business hours at home would still cost just as much, if not double.  Money well spent!

#3--We were very excited during our second visit that Julia clapped along with us!  It was something she didn't do the first time even though we are positive reinforcement fiends and were clapping and 'good job'-ing over every detail.  It was fun to see her opening up and celebrating herself along with us.

#4--(P.S.--don't really know why I am numbering these other than it seems to be helping me separate my ideas) During our third visit, she signed 'help' along with me a couple of times.  Since she is so into the zippers and buckles and they don't always move as smoothly as she wants them too, I figured this would be a good way to try and start signing with her.  She hasn't done it since that visit but I'm encouraged to keep trying it with her.

#5--We did find out that her record shows a positive test for TB.  Bad news for our travel plans.  Typically, the U.S. Embassy will scan for TB and if there is any indication of it, she will need to remain in the country for an additional two weeks to take their medications for it.  Our facilitator said that she thinks it won't be a problem since her lungs are healthy and clear now and she can take in the x-rays that show the positive result was actually an allergic reaction to the test.  She said that once a child has a positive result once, it stays on their record permanently.  We are praying, hoping, wishing, everything as hard as we can that we will not be delayed an extra two weeks.  This mommy really wants to be home with both her girls!!

#6--I've been meaning to look and see if yesterday's date had any kind of significance in this country, or maybe even just in this city.  During a quick paperwork errand we saw not one, not two, but five different newlywed couples around town taking pictures.  Three were in the downtown area of the city and two were over near the river.  Seems like a lot to be a fluke...

#7--We're having a hard time picking pictures out to post.  We've taken over 600 pictures in just over a week since we got to this country.  I see many more slideshows in the future...
Here's one of those adorable pictures that we spend so much time looking at each day:

Well, off to another visit!  Back in a few hours with another update!!

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