Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look, Mommy, Daddy, Julia--It's Spooooky!

Yes, we made it back in time for Halloween.  Not with much time to spare, so the girls will have some fairly make-shift costumes by tomorrow night, but nevertheless we've have some fun getting in the spirit of things!

Of course, one of the first things on my to-do list was cupcakes!  It started out calm and careful...

...but soon they each had a cupcake that looked like this--
All that mattered was these looks as we decorated together!

On Saturday night, we got a little creative with a craft we found in a Family Fun magazine.  I recruited some empty milk jugs from my mom and encouraged all of the milk-drinkers of our house to hurry along and started drawing some ghost faces.  The original craft called to light them with Christmas string lights, but since I didn't have the time or the real desire to dig those out, I opted to use glow sticks instead. 
 It was probably the best, cheapest toy we have had in a long time!  The girls loved them!  They thought it was pretty cool that they glowed and were different colors, but when they found out they were noisy because of the glow sticks--oh man!  We played with those things for over an hour!
The video is kind of horrible, but too cute to pass up.  This is the full body dance we used to get when we showed up at the orphanage.  Saturday night, the milk jug ghosts got the same celebration.

By Sunday afternoon, we decided it was time to carve the pumpkins.  Lily thought it was a blast to play with the 'icky' guts.

Julia was happy to just scoop away with her spoon.

The cutest part about it was sisters working together.

After all that hard work on the pumpkins, it was time for a bath.  We were going to bathe them separately, but someone snuck her way in too...

We were very fortunate to have let her in, just in case her big sister forgot how to take a bath...
After they were both certainly clean, it was time to just have some fun!

 One of the cutest parts came after they were washed and dried.  We were doing Lily's dressing change on her feeding tube and Julia started to get upset.  We couldn't figure out why until she lifted up her shirt.  This is what she wanted--
Tape on her belly, just like little sis.  Glad she doesn't need a tube too, but fun that she wanted to be like her sissy!

With all of the crafts, we're excited to wrap up a fun weekend with some trick-or-treating tomorrow night.  My sister and her friends usually get together for dinner before heading to a very kid-friendly neighborhood and we will be joining them this year.  It will be a first for both of them to go trick-or-treating and I can't wait to see their reactions to it all!

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  1. I just cannot believe how much fun they have together!!!! I love that they are already bonding!!! I can't wait to hear their reactions from trick or treating.


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