Monday, October 17, 2011

This little gal is ready to go!

Monday evening's visit was much more calm than it's morning counterpart.  While we let her get a bit riled up in the morning, it was much more low key in the evening once we settled back to focusing on her backpack again.

I know I've mentioned it just about every post, but her quickness in learning the sign for 'help' just has me so excited!  She uses it when she needs it about 70% of the time and has started to do it much more unprompted now.  We're even seeing her use it aside from the opening and closing of the backpack but also when it applies while playing with bubbles or the beach ball.
And just to document that she's doing it (and because I'm a dang proud mama), here is 'help'--

This time we settled in on a bench that was along what is apparently quite a busy little walkway for people cutting through the orphanage between the apartments that are directly behind the orphanage and the small street vendors just up the alley.  While she was definitely curious to watch different people walk past, it was nice to observe that she would always stick pretty close by us.  She'd walk a few steps away as if she were going to follow, but she'd always spin around and come right back.  I hope I'm not being too presumptuous, but it seems like we are starting to provide a small sense of security for her.

When we were playing, I stopped to put on some chapstick and Julia wanted some too.  Momma loves me some chapstick, so it was cute to share my little habit with my daughter.  Luckily she didn't eat it, though not for a lack of effort the first time we put it on her.

The sunglasses came back out, on top of the head, just like momma's were--
 She decided to read a bit on her own--
The beach ball has seen better days, but secretly, I don't mind.  That just means more trips to mom and dad for help!

Still just love the daddy's girl pictures too--
Again, call it motherly bragging, but she is learning things so quickly!  Once the bangles came back out, she remembered lining them up like daddy taught her the other day.

She also picked up one new fun way to play and I hope I am not reading too much into this.  This afternoon, half of what Julia wanted to do was pack up the backpack and carry it toward the gate.  Maybe this is my sign from my non-verbal girl that she is ready to hit the road with us?  Maybe she was just mimicking some of the passersby from earlier.  Either way, it's really, really cute!


  1. Fun to find so many updates to your blog when I logged on this morning. Julia sounds like such a precious little personality. Prayers for your court date to come quickly.


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