Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sight seeing from inside an apartment

So, with the day and night time zone change and our strong winds following us over from Germany, this has been the majority of our sight seeing so far.
Yep, the building across from us and the view across the valley near the River! 

When we first arrived, we weren't discouraged by the 25 minute walk over to main street.  In fact, we were even a touch excited for the small walking tours, but as we watched the rain wash over the streets and at times, flood the curbs, it became less appealing. 

Also complicating things has been the fact that neither of us have slept for more than a couple hours at a time and we can't seem to sleep real long at the same time either.  So, for the most part, we've stayed in.

That being said, this is more of our view...
Behind the TV is a gap large enough to walk around and also a clothes drying rack.  These are the windows we most frequently gawk out of.
The kitchen quickly getting put to use!
Actually a very comfortable bed with huge closets in the room and behind the curtain is a little balcony of sorts.
Definitely not going to complain about the large bathtub that is probably 2-3 time bigger than ours at home!  Made for a very nice soak in the morning!
Yes, this makes me want to wash my laundry as I use the restroom! :)  No dryer though and in it's place is a small balcony with windows that open easily and clothes lines strung from one corner to the next.
No, you are not seeing into the hallway.  There are two doors leading to the apartment that are spaced about 6 inches from each other.  Just in case, I suppose.

It really has been a nice little apartment to hunker down in and watch the trees blow sideways.  We've been able to eat some of the pre-made food we bought the first night and also cooked some pasta with tomato sauce.  (I recognized the packaging as the Italian tomato sauce we sell at my work and it is the BEST tomatoes!  I was very quick to snag that off the shelves when I saw it!)  We've had some delicious ham and cheese sandwiches and have some vernicki in the freezer to make tomorrow.

We did head down to the market that is in the bottom floor of the building and bought a lighter for the gas stove and a couple drinks.  Robert was very happy to have a successful interaction with our very limited language skills and I, on the other hand, walked away feeling very timid about not being able to purchase a coke without feeling bad about the inability to communicate.  I suppose as long as one of us can get us what we need, we should be able to survive! :)

Today, we will have our meeting with the SDA!  I have high hopes about switching out our printed picture of Melissa with a younger picture of her if they have one.  I am also am really, really, really hoping to find out more about her back story!  I am incredibly excited, curious and almost a bit anxious even to find out how her story came to find her at the orphanage.  Regardless of what has formed the situation she is in now, we are so excited to help nurture her and help her thrive with a loving family back home.

Hopefully after our appointment, we will have a slightly drier day outside, or at the least one without trees bending sideways, and we can wander around and shop a bit.  I just HAVE to find me some matroyshka dolls!  I am also eyeing some particularly fuzzy hats....oh yeah, I could pull it off! :)


  1. Praying for your SDA appointment. Blessings!

  2. Please post a picture of the tomato sauce as I see so many bloggers saying they bought what they hoped was tomato sauce but were wrong!

  3. hope all went well today!!!
    try to relax and sleep tonight!!!
    hope the weather is better :)

  4. Jennifer, unfortunately, the box is in the trash but the brand in America is called Pomi. It's in a red and white box and the variation of the name is pretty similar. I mostly recognized the packaging and the picture! If you google it, the box is pretty distinguishable. :) Hope that helps some!
    Nancy and Deb, the SDA appointment went fantastically! Trying to get a refresher right now as to what I can and can't share for a new blog post! :)

  5. I'm glad you are having a great time! We really did too, we went there with open minds and joyful hearts and we had an amazing experience.
    Your apartment is awesome! We didn't have a tub, just a tiny little shower with a shower curtain that wouldn't cover a baby, let alone a grown person. AND it was right inside the door of the apartment in plain view of the front door. Too funny... my husband would walk over like he was going to whip the door open when I was in the shower. Goober.

    I wanted to let you know, too, that the SDA often has pretty outdated information on the kiddo's. Their information on our Alina was so outdated it didn't even apply, and their medicals were way off too. We were intruiged but we really learned everything when we got to her orphanage and met with the director and doctors there, they had an entire book/folder of medicals on her because the doctor seen the kids weekly. It was great to hear up to date and current info, and also they let us in on a lot of the back info too.

    Anyway, I cannot wait to see you with that sweet girl! Also every time I click your blog (not that I'm stalking or anything... ;)) I just want to reach through the screen and pinch the cheeks of Lily up there on top, so cute!


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